It seems every state has their own regional delicacy. Whether it's Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago, or Texas-Style Barbeque, states use their food as an extension of their region's identity.

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Unfortunately, when you create a food that's meant to cater to a specific group of people, the rest of America may not find it that appetizing.

According to a study performed by FeastGood, one of Arizona's favorite foods is despised by the rest of the country.

What is Arizona's Delicacy?

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Arizona has a plethora of unique foods that have sprung from the natural culture the state has. Sonoran hot dogs are the first that came to mind for me, but there are plenty more that Arizonans and visitors adore.

One food item that may not be as cultural potent, but certainly has its fanbase is the Quadruple Burger. Served at the famous "Heart Attack Grill", this burger has earned the restaurant its reputation.

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Sitting at over 8,000 calories, the quad burger is served with four, half-pound patties, eight slices of American cheese, and dunked in oil of dubious origin. If you can somehow finish this unholy freak of nature, you'll be (and I'm not joking here) wheeled out of the establishment in a wheelchair.

Why Do Americans Hate The Quad Burger?

Okay, so, I just described the most quintessential American dish on the planet, you couldn't get more Red, White, and Blue if you tried. So, why do Americans hate the Quad Burger so much?

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Turns out, the issue isn't so much that Americans hate the burger, but more so that they can't stop eating it. The study asked dieting Americans what foods are the hardest to give up, and unsurprisingly, the Quad made the list.

It does rank as the 31st most loathed food for dieting Americans out of 50, which really isn't a bad place to be. It's not so addicting that people can't put it down, but it's good enough that people don't want to give it up.

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The Heart Attack Grill is located on the Las Vegas Strip now, but has its roots in Chandler, keeping the Quad Burger and Arizona staple.


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