When it comes to athletics in the State of Idaho--there are a few names that will always stand out as the best of the best: Kellen Moore, Nick Symmonds, Kristin Armstrong, and Leighton Vander Esch.

There's one well-known NFL legend, however, that sports fans in Idaho seem to overlook...

Many people forget that Jake Plummer is an Idahoan! Let's take a look!

Idaho Sweetheart Jake Plummer Over The Years

From his humble beginnings in Boise to his NFL stardom, Idaho loves Jake Plummer!

We think that Idaho needs more Jake Plummer!

Did you know that Jake Plummer graduated from Capital High School right here in Boise!? He's a legend!

After making his appearance at Super Bowl 57, lots of folks online had plenty to say...








Ok, ok we get it-- Jake The Snake now looks like Jake the Hippy. Frankly, we're kind of here for it!

Despite being a league favorite for years, Plummer led the NFL in interceptions twice during his career. Before playing in Denver where he was best known, he played in Arizona--for the Cardinals! At one point in time, Plummer even held the Denver Broncos' record for most passing yards in one game, totaling 499!

We love you, great Idahoan Jake Plummer!

Plummer isn't the only Idahoan to see NFL success, however...

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