I guess it's not news to you that Lubbock has more than its fair share of skunks.

The scent of skunks permeates the air quite frequently in Lubbock. From what we know about skunks, that's just the ones who are the defense or who have been run over (whomp-whomp). This is to say that as frequently as we smell skunks, there have to be tons out there who never give someone or something a shot of spray out of their anal glands (yeah, that's how it works).


So get ready for this, things have gone from stinky to worse in the Hub City. The City Of Lubbock has revealed that a skunk in western Lubbock County has tested positive for rabies. Not only does this mean your designated skunk petting time needs to be put on hold, but you have a little more to think about. Think about this from the City Of Lubbock:

An animal with rabies can infect other wild or domestic animals that have not been vaccinated against rabies. The City of Lubbock reminds people that domestic animals should be vaccinated against rabies as required by law.

That's right, this is precisely why your pets should be up to date on their rabies shots. And if you need to know why you don't want your pet to get rabies, I will direct you to the 1983 horror classic "Cujo" taken from the Stephen King book of the same name.

But seriously, if for some reason you need to know more about rabies, hit up the CDC here. In the meantime, stay as far away from Pepe LePew as you possibly can.

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