As the wife and I were heading to Austin last weekend we were listening to the MoSho. Yes, we do listen to the show while we're cruising east on I-10 because my wife likes to see how far we can make it before the signal cuts out.

Right as we were coming up on the Sierra Blanca checkpoint, the show was talking about the Sierra Blanca checkpoint. It was perfect timing. Buzz was telling the story about the time he got his brand new car searched at the Sierra Blanca checkpoint. Nothing was found in Buzz's car, but I'm pretty sure the dogs caught a scent of a little something-something because Nico had been in Buzz's car before he left.

As Buzz and the rest of the crew were talking about the checkpoint, I start seeing the signs for the checkpoint. The weird thing was, as I'm seeing the signs for the checkpoint, I'm also seeing orange barrels and cones blocking the road. The checkpoint was completely shut down. There wasn't even a car near the building. It was completely closed down.

I've reached out to some folks with the Border Patrol but haven't heard anything back yet, and I haven't been able to find any information on why it's closed down. My wife thought she remembered hearing something about them moving the checkpoint down I-10 but I haven't been able to verify that. I have also seen stories about the Border Patrol closing down checkpoints in other areas to save money. Again, I haven't been able to verify this.

If you happen to know what is going on at the Sierra Blanca checkpoint, and have actual credentials or sources, feel free to reach out to me. or you can you shoot us a message over on the Buzz Adams Morning Show Facebook page.


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