Imogen Thomas is a glamor model, former ‘Big Brother’ housemate and former Miss Wales. She has appeared in popular magazines like Zoo and Maxim. Im-o-gen her naked! CUE RIMSHOT! Actually, no need to imagine, just Google it. The Welsh beauty is our crush today for a much different reason than just her looks and assets.

Quick tale: The Sun newspaper broke a story that Thomas had a relationship with a married soccer player. The Sun didn’t name the guy, a gag order was put on the owners of the paper to not name him, and it seemed like everything was honky dory in the UK. Nope. Other media outlets alluding to the fact it was Premier League star Ryan Giggs. GGGGGOOOOOAAAALLLLLL! It was Giggs but Thomas stayed quiet through it all, never named names, or attempted to make cash off the fact she juggled the soccer balls of a married man.

That is why we’re crushing on Imogen. Sure, she was letting a married man slip one past her goalie, but in a world of “I did this guy/girl now pay me to talk,” she took the high road and left all the gossip to the tabloids and talk shows. It’s probably because she isn’t an American. America. Land of the free. Home of the “pay me, I’m kind of a slut.”