The latest internet stunt that has millions of young people watching (and millions of old people freaking out) is the Milk Crate Challenge.  It involves making a pyramid/staircase out of milk crates and then attempting to climb the steps and stand on top before the pyramid collapses.  Because the Internet is simultaneously insane AND easily frightened there are lots and lots of articles warning parents about the dangers of the challenge. To be honest, I have yet to see a Milk Crate video of an actual child trying it.

Here’s a hot-take: I’d rather see my kids attempting the Milk Crate Challenge than playing Call of Duty for 15 hours straight and mainlining Cheetos and Sunny D.

I’m serious. Watch that video again. For the people who didn’t IMMEDIATELY fall, it looked like they were getting a decent workout right before they tumbled to Earth. It looks like it’s hitting the quads, the glutes…and when one of the crates starts to get shaky…what a workout for your core!

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And for the Nervous Nellies who think it’s just soooo dangerous: it doesn’t look any more dangerous than football or gymnastics to me.

Seriously, though, if I came home and saw my kids building a milk crate pyramid all I’d tell them is that they should put a mattress or at least a yoga mat on the ground. Oh, and also to go do it on the (rich) neighbor’s property.

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