This season, hunters' most valuable tool might be something they carry with them every day — the HuntWise app right on their phones.

This app offers species-tracking technology that can predict the best time to pursue whitetail or any of 13 other species based on location, weather, time of season and other factors. It allows you to compare stands by wind, to see land ownership boundaries and key land characteristics and to pin important locations on their map. You can even share pinned locations with friends and plot your stands and blinds to receive weekly predictions.

There's a social component, too. "HuntWise was designed to create a safe place for serious sportsman of all ages to exchange stories, ask questions, share advice and maybe even boast a little about their latest kill," according to the HuntWise website. "See thousands of photos and read stories of how other hunters achieved success."

It truly is the best way to save time and increase your changes of a successful hunt.
HuntWise allows you to share pinned locations with friends (left) and see ownership boundaries (right). Credit:

To celebrate the start of another hunting season, HuntWise presents the $500K Hunt Giveaway. Prizes include:

  • 33 different hunting brands including Benelli Shotguns, Traeger Grill, Vortex Optics and Mtn Ops.
  • 20 North American hunts including moose, elk, whitetail, Dall sheep and waterfowl.

Sixty people will win, but you can't win if you don't play! Enter at

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