Lindsay Lohan had a second round of nude photographs taken Friday for her upcoming ‘Playboy’ spread, thanks to magazine founder Hugh Hefner, who was worried that the results of the initial shoot were not in line with Playboy’s standardsYou know, at age 85, most men would feel lucky to be able see any naked female parts, much less those of the sometimes actress/frequent partier/serial defendant.

LiLo had her LiLas photographed for a future Playboy pictorial, reportedly for the December issue. Last week, Hefner supposedly perused the early proofs from Lindsay’s four-day session with the Playboy photographer and asked for a retake of the pictures that focused on all of Lohan’s lady bits, except her ‘Parent Trap.’

The reshoot order did not seem to concern perennial Mother of the Year (in Hell) candidate Dina Lohan who seems thrilled that the world will get to see her daughter’s T&A, and more, in the world’s most famous men’s magazine.

“It will be tastefully done. She’s been working in front of the camera with Ford Models since she was a little girl so she kinda knows how to work that.”

She can’t afford modeling lessons anymore, so she’s been taking modeling tips from her new friends down at the county morgue. The cold, lifeless ones.

[Via DListed]

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