What is the difference between city inspection and U.S.D.A inspection for meat products?
City inspectors only visit your local plant every three months. Quintero's Meat Company follows federal guidelines for cleanliness and U.S.D.A federal inspectors are on the premises at Quintero's every day during all hours of operation. The sanitizing requirements of the federal government are more strict than the city inspectors. Every package of meat sold by Quintero's has a U.S.D.A. approved sticker.

Is your meat fresh?
The meat from Quintero's is cut fresh to order daily. Nothing they carry is frozen.

What's the difference between buying from Quintero's and a local supermarket or retail store?
Retail stores or supermarkets offer steaks that have been pre-cut and packaged. Quintero's cut their steaks to order and offer wholesale pricing to the general public.

What other products does Quintero's offer?
They offer a full line of beef products, including hamburger patties ground fresh every day and hot dogs. They also carry pork products, including pork loins, pork butt, pork stew, pork steaks, bratwursts, etc. Quintero's has a "ready-to-eat" line, which includes menudo, chile relleno, chile verde, chile colorado, barbacoa, cooked brisket, green enchilada sauce, and a full line of rubs and sauces.

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