A little less than 2 months ago, the New York Giants were 7-7 and appeared headed for another late-season disappointment. Six wins later, they are Super Bowl champions. What is even more remarkable about their championship run is the public and media perception of the team after the victory.

1. Eli Manning - when the Giants veteran declared himself to be an elite quarterback before the start of the season, everybody thought he was crazy. Now, Manning has his second Super Bowl championship and game MVP award to add to his mantle.  Suddenly, fans and media are already putting Eli into Canton as a future member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This is the same quarterback that led the NFL in interceptions twice during his seven-year career, including 2010. Manning could easily be destined for the Hall when his career is over, but he still has some statistical work to do.

2. Tom Coughlin - when the Giants were 7-7, most fans thought Coughlin would not be back as head coach if his team did not make the playoffs. Instead, he beat three Ryans in as many weeks: Rex (Jets Head Coach), Rob (Cowboys Defensive Coordinator), and Matt (Falcons QB). When his team's amazing  run culminated in winning Super Bowl XLVI, Coughlin is now also considered a shoe-in for Canton and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Incredible, since the guy was almost out-of-work and ready to start a career in broadcasting like every other ex-NFL head coach. Coughlin is and has always been a very good head coach. He won in Jacksonville, not an easy think to do and now has two Super Bowl titles with teams that were clear underdogs entering the 2007 and 2011 playoffs.

3. The New England Patriots - when Tom Brady won his third Super Bowl in as many tries, most people quickly annointed him as the best quarterback since Joe Montana. Now, his Patriots has lost his last two Super Bowls to the New York Giants and Brady's legacy is supposedly tainted? The unfair criticism Brady, head coach Bill Belicheck, and the rest of New England team is not surpising. Both fans and the media live for the moment, and they can turn on you in a heartbeat. Over the last 10 years, no NFL team has demonstrated the consistency and dominance as the Patriots. Even if their run is over, it was a remarkable performance and tdeserve their place in NFL history.