It was a moment worthy of being featured on SportsCenter.

For years, the popular ESPN show has provided some of the greatest - and sometimes worst - sports moments of the day. Some of these moments are considered great because of how spectacular the athletic feat is that is being accomplished. But, some of these moments are great because they capture the emotion of the moment.

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One thing that is great about social media is that is allows for more special moments that don't happen when the big TV cameras are around to be shown on a national stage.

Such a moment happened recently at a girl's basketball game. The video features a young girl scoring her first basket and then running to give her dad a hug.


As you can see, the girl is so overcome with her emotion as she jumps into her daddy's arms after making the shot.

As a father of two young ones - Adalynn and Micah pictured below as taken by my wonderful wife, Hannah - I am very much looking forward to moments like these with them. Whether it's in sports, academics, or just life in general, there is nothing like celebrating their special moments with them!

Great work SportsCenter for featuring amazing moments like these and showing the world that there is still so much good in it. These are the moments that need to go viral more often.

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