Two days before the big Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Andy Lee showdown, Harold Lederman dropped by the 600 ESPN El Paso studios to talk about the fight. The longtime HBO Unofficial Scorer and friend of Sportstalk took lots of phone calls and weighed-in on the big fight at the Sun Bowl Saturday night.

"You're not sitting there counting punches. You're sitting there watching who is doing more damage. Who's hurting the other guy more than the other guy is hurting him. The guy that's doing more damage gets 10 points and the guy that's doing less damage gets 9 points. Judging boxing is very, very simple." 

"Very often, there is no leader, no Roger Goodell out there. There should be. Without that, the sanctioning bodies are killing boxing. I wish there was a way we could rid of them."

"I started judging professional boxing in 1967 and in those days, Johnny Addee was the announcer. Addee was my number one announcer."

"A number of years ago, Joey Giardello fought Irish Billy Graham. A lot of people remember Irish Billy Graham. He never won a title but boy he was a heck of a fighter."