Everyone in Lubbock, Texas knows what it means to 'put your guns up.' The finger gun salute is synonymous with Texas Tech's athletic programs. But what is the origin of the best hand gesture in college sports? And who created it?

According to Texas Tech University's Long Live the Matadors Tumblr page, the finger-pointing sign was originally created by Texas Tech alumni L. Glenn Dippel in 1971.

Dippel and his wife were residing in Austin where they were constantly faced with the “Hook ‘em Horns” sign used by the University of Texas when they decided Texas Tech needed one of their own. The couple looked to Raider Red, Texas Tech’s mascot, for their inspiration.

Soon after Dippel started the hand gesture, the Saddle Tramps and Texas Tech cheerleaders adopted it. The "guns up" hand gesture has been used ever since.