Every week, we give you another list of contests that are about to expire so you have ONE more chance to enter them. Here are your four contests ending this week.

You've got until April 23rd at noon to enter each of these contests.

FUN HINT: You can actually set up accounts on all three of our stations, KLAQ, KISS El Paso, and 600 ESPN El Paso for three times the chances to win on any contest. You'll even have the same login information for all three! Having trouble signing up for all three stations? Contact Us.


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    Barnes & Noble Gift Card

    Coffee, games, books, or tablets -- win  $50 to Barnes & Noble and buy whatever you want!


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    Amazon Gift Card

    Think of all the gummy bears you can buy for $25 on Amazon!

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    Buffalo Wild Wings Gift Card

    It's a scientific fact that free wings taste 34% better than not-free-wings. Enter to win a Buffalo Wild Wings card

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    Taylor Swift Prize Pack

    Okay, so maybe you're not a huge Taylor fan, but you kid might be! No? Well, fine. What if I told you this prize pack came with this awesome, rubber iPhone sound amplifier thing that serious had our entire office amazed? YEAH! So enter!

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