It goes without saying that eating is incredibly important for surviving in the wild. Luckily, catching and capturing dinner just got a little easier.  

This two-in-one hunting tool should make anyone want to throw on their best flannel, grow the scruffiest beard possible and answer the call of the wild. For just $425, any burgeoning outdoorsman can own a .22 calibre single shot rifle that transforms into a fishing pole. Now you can catch fish, and if that doesn’t work, shoot them dead in the water. The light-weight, stainless steel construction makes the Pack-Rifle not only the lightest rifle out there but it’s weather resistant and folds down to a very small size.

A laser and laser mount set is also available for the really pesky fish that won’t sit still long enough to taste cold steel. Prepare to meet your maker, and a nice bottle of wine, you slippery little suckers.