Like so many countries in the sports world, Mexican fans have a ritual that is heard in every soccer stadium in Mexico. When an opposing goalkeeper is preparing to kick a soccer ball, fans yell "puto" in unison. The chant was on display during the Mexico vs. Brazil World Cup soccer match and apparently, Brazilian fans also imitated the Mexican tradition. It caught the attention of FIFA, the soccer group that is governing the World Cup. FIFA's big concern is that other European countries will share in the fun and start their own "puto" chants. Here is video of Mexico soccer fans performing their soccer ritual during the World Cup match with Brazil.

If you look up "puto" in Urban Dictionary, the word's meaning includes everything from a male prostitute to a homosexual. The latter is what concerns FIFA the most, especially since they are also investigating Croatia and Russia for racists and anti-Semitic banners at their World Cup games. Punishment includes potential fines, a game played without fans, point deduction, or expulsion from competition. It will be interesting to see what FIFA decides before Mexico's final preliminary match against Crotia on Monday afternoon.