The Bravos de FC Juarez defeated the Chivas de Guadalajara by a score of 1-0 on Wednesday night in the opening match of the Copa Mx. The team from the Borderland score the match's only goal come in a 63rd minute thanks to the right foot of Mario Ortiz. The victory was well deserved by Bravos who played a more complete game than the Chivas from beginning to end.

FC Juarez performance was one that was more than adequate despite having 4 player start on Wednesday night that do not usually see playing time.

The result left a grand majority of the 22,000 fans in attendance happy.

The simple 1-0 result was not without its fair share of drama. Back up goalkeeper Yair Urbina had a couple of save to preserve the victory for the local side. There was a penalty kick call in favor of Bravos with less than 10 minutes to go that if the referee would have let the play continue to the advantage of FC Juarez would have resulted in a goal by Brazilian midfielder Derley. That lead to Derley wanting to take the penalty kick, it decided by head coach Sergio Orduna that Edgar Pacheco would do so. Pacheco missed. This result only added to Derley's “emotional” status, all culminating in him receiving and unnecessary but well deserved red card in stoppage time. Derley will miss next week's Copa Mx match in Guadalajara.

Head coach for Bravos, Sergio Orduna commented on the victory, “Chivas is Chivas wherever they go, the victory tonight I think once again showed that our team showed great personality, quality and competitiveness in a match that was close and hard fought despite our team have 2 or 3 more clear opportunities to score, not counting the penalty we had called in our favor.”

Orduna continued, “I'm not satisfied, I'm never satisfied. I'm happy with the result. At the end of the day, I feel that if our team continues to perform this way we will be closer to winning match than obtaining any other kind of result.”

Up next for Bravos will be a road match in Aguascalientes versus Necaxa on Saturday night. The team practiced this morning and will do so again on Friday morning prior to heading to the airport to board their flight to Aguascalientes.