Let's get straight to the point as I know you need to hurry up, login, set your lineup accordingly before Thursday Night Football kicks off and before your boss sees your computer screen while you act like your checking your work email! But I ask you this: Does your lineup consist of a player that is questionable or doubtful for the week? Do you have players with a bye-week (not until Week 4) or those out for the season -- ready to play? Because if you do...that's dumb. Let's fix it and get our bench press on!

Despite power rankings and Week 1 performances, you have to remember your fantasy team is not a reflection of an entire NFL team as a whole; however know the role that individual or defense plays can be part of a domino effect. For example, if you have Aaron Rodgers and are disappointed in the Packers right now and worried about their match up against the Bears, no need to freak out and bench him! He’s a crazy talented QB with insane potential. Calm down everybody its Week 2!

If a star wide receiver is injured, then this may have an impact on the points you can get from your QB not making as many connections that are expected from him. If you have a running back that’s been dinged up and is up against a solid defense/special teams that can break down the run game, you probably want to take a look at your bench and see if there's a better match up.

Another factor for those new to the fantasy game is who your player's team is up against? There are many possibilities and many options. So if your roster’s projection looks weak, then maybe take a look at some free agents and drop/add players. (Some leagues set a limit.)

There are so many factors to look into, but don't get overwhelmed. Be overjoyed you're playing football minus the actual physical beat-up! Unless, your fantasy friends are punching you in the ribs when they see you! Just don’t be that opponent in fantasy football that has a player who is out of the real game – in your fantasy game. Boring!

It’s all about strategy, so stay on top of your game! Auto pick is one thing, but auto play is unacceptable. Don’t forfeit your league!



1. Stephen Hill, NYJ, WR (Calf) Q

2. Jeremy Maclin, Phi, WR (Hip Flexor) Q

3. Adrian Peterson, Min, RB (Knee) P

4. Pierre Garcon, Wsh, WR (Foot) Q

5. Arian Foster, Hou, RB (Sick) P


1. Rashad Jennings, Jac, RB

2. Kendall Wright, Ten, WR

3. Russell Wright, Sea, QB

4. James Starks, GB, RB

5. LeGarrette Blount, TB, RB


1. Kevin Ogletree, Dal, WR

2. Alfred Morris, Wsh, RB

3. Stephen Hill, NYJ, WR

4. Patriots Defense/ST

5. Cowboys Defense/ST


1. Aaron Rodgers, GB, QB 24 Points

2. Tom Brady, NE, QB 23 Points

3. Drew Brees, NO, QB 22 Points

4. Matthew Stafford, Det, QB 22 Points

5. Arian Foster, Hou, RB 21 Points


1. Texans

2. Ravens

3. Steelers

4. 49ers

5. Jets


Week 4: Steelers, Colts

Week 5: Cowboys, Lions, Bucs, Raiders

Week 6: Bears, Jags, Panthers, Saints

Week 7: Dolphins, Eagles, Falcons, Broncos, Chiefs, Chargers

Week 8: Bills, Ravens, Bengals, Texans