Former Buffalo Sabres' great Daniel Briere was forced to issue a statement on behalf of his son, Carson, after the son was caught on-video in a disturbing scene at a club over the weekend. The backlash was so severe that the university which Carson attends had to release a statement of their own. Despite efforts from the Briere's and the university, the negative response has not died down, and punishment is being demanded.

We have the latest on this ugly situation.

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Son of Daniel Briere Caught Pushing Wheelchair Down Stairs in Infamous Viral Video

A video was posted on Twitter on Tuesday by user Julia Zukowski, which appeared to be captured by a security camera inside a club. The camera was positioned in a corner, showing the dance-floor area on the left, and a stairwell leading to a lower level of the building on the right.

The video could've been of anything, but the caption that accompanied it told a more troubling story. Take a look:

Here was the initial follow-up tweet:

More information was released by Zukowski earlier today about the victim:

Almost immediately, the clip went viral, and the backlash began to mount against Carson Briere. The next day, both Carson and his father, former Buffalo Sabres' player and NHL great Daniel Briere, released statements about the incident.

Here they are:

For those that do not know, Carson Briere is also a hockey player. He began his career with Arizona State, but was removed from the program for disciplinary reasons. He was given a much-publicized "second chance" at a college career with Mercyhurst University's hockey program, and this is how he's thanked them for that opportunity.

Here's the statement from 'Hurst:

The situation has since been taken over by the Erie Police Department, as confirmed by The New York Post. No new information has emerged on the status of the investigation into Briere's actions.

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The viral moment comes on the heels of Carson's father, Daniel, being named interim General Manager of the Philadelphia Flyers. Briere played 973 career regular season NHL games for five teams, 225 of which came with the Buffalo Sabres.

Just moments after the huge news about his promotion, Briere was lumped into a scandal, and has been working to defend his son ever since. Chances are, this situation won't clear up for either Briere anytime soon.

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