Yesterday's Daytona 500 was a ratings bonanza for NASCAR and Fox, but like any long, live broadcast, it wasn't without its uncomfortable moments.

Erin Andrews is now a member of the Fox Sports team and is front and center at every major event.  She was on air traversing her way through the pits when she came across rapper 50 cent.  'Fity' had an album called Get Rich or Die Tryin.'   Yesterday it appeared he was going to give Erin Andrews a kiss or die of embarrassment tryin.'

It was an uncomfortable moment, but 50 didn't observe the first rule hugging someone you don't know very well.  Always go in with the side hug.  If she gives you a cheek then kiss it.  If you don't get any exposed cheek, then stick with the side hug.  At least millions of viewers got to experience what most first dates with E.A. must be like!


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