Will the Miners play sports this fall? As Texas and other states begin to open up, how are those decisions impacting UTEP Athletics?

This week on El Paso Townsquare, Duke Keith speaks with UTEP Director of Athletics Jim Senter about how the Miners are maneuvering through the pandemic and what UTEP sports might look like for the 2020-2021 school year.

Senter shed some light on Conference USA's rumored pairing with the Sun Belt Conference as both conferences look for ways to ease travel burdens and play against schools that are more geographically compatible.

He also speaks on the importance of including not just student-athletes but their parents in the conversation about coming back to campus, and beginning practices and seasons in the midst of a pandemic.

With intercollegiate sports programs being the first school activities to kick off the fall semester at most universities, Senter revealed that UTEP is looking to its athletic department for guidance as the Miners sports programs will be the first to dip its toe back into the educational waters, so to speak.

Senter offers a wide-ranging look at an incredibly tough logistical path with his typical positivity and a smile.

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