You know, there is nothing worse than a stupid, hurtful person who is stupid and hurtful for no reason other than to be stupid and hurtful. Such is the case with Texas Senator Ted Cruz. He has a Twitter account that is rife with stupidity and hurtful statements that seem to be designed to get as much negative feedback as possible. I guess he gets his jollies by saying ugly things and reading how upset people get at his tweets.

On Saturday, November 21, Cruz decided that instead of tweeting a message of hope for people dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic here in Texas, he would tweet this:

Ted Cruz via Twitter

This is a play on the famous Don't Tread On Me Flag, or as it is commonly known, the Gadsen Flag. It was designed in 1775 during the American Revolutionary War. The Don't Tread On Me Flag is actually considered one of the first flags of the United States of America and was later replaced by the Stars and Stripes. It has also been recently co-opted by gun rights activists who use it as a threat or a dare to come and take their guns.

I can only assume that Cruz used the flag as a template because he is too ignorant to understand that the medical community asking people to not gather for Thanksgiving is for our own good and the good of others, but fools like Cruz seem to think that it is "treading" on their rights to gather and potentially have a super spreader event. I mean seriously, how can a man who is a senator think it's ok to tweet such an inane message when there are counties all over the state of Texas and the entire country with no hospital beds? We are at capacity in our hospitals and jail inmates were being used to move bodies around in mobile morgues because people are dying too quickly of COVID-19 and the County Medical Examiner can't keep up with the backlog.

We are keeping people in freezers for God's sake.

I really detest Ted Cruz and his irresponsible behavior in the face of people dying in the tens of thousands. I hope he chokes on his stupid turkey dinner.

One El Pasoan decided to put his opinion about Cruz's stupid tweet it in more artistic terms. Patrick Gabaldon, an artist who has put some of the most difficult moments in El Paso's recent history on a digital canvas, released this stunningly heartbreaking piece in response to Cruz.

Patrick Gabaldon
Patrick Gabaldon

Three items throw into sharp focus what El Paso is going through right now. A victim of the COVID-19 pandemic on a stretcher and an anonymous worker moving the body, both under our beloved Star on the Mountain.

Thank you Patrick for your stark visualization of El Paso during the pandemic. Your art is a salve for our broken hearts. Please always use your art to help us through this horrible time.

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