Citing a "dramatic increase" in positive COVID-19 cases, city and county leaders said during a briefing Thursday afternoon (10/1) that traditional door-to-door-trick-or-treating, Halloween parties, and haunted houses would not be allowed this year.

Mixing metaphors to make his case, Mayor Margo said, "The bottom line is, not to be Scrooge-like and ban Halloween, but the problem is we still have a pandemic and it is imperative that we stop the spread of that pandemic."

While not banning the faux-holiday outright, the stance on Halloween still sparked some strong feelings from El Pasoans. Reactions ranged from agreement to feigned surprise to the promise of defiance. Here are some of the comments posted to 93.1 KISS FM's social media:

Debi Landes Hayes Stupid! You can leave a bowl of candy on the porch and watch from door. Kids can go up one at a time

Ariel McFarland Yeah banned and enforced just like fireworks... total bs

Selena Bell What they can't do that!! TRICK OR TREAT PPL!!!

Antonio Nahum Yanar Haha you all can go screw yourselves I’m having a halloween maskless party and having traditional trick or treating!

Kitana Alohi-lani Gallardo Seriously? But people can go to bars and movies? That’s dumb as hell.

Virginia Salvatierra Every idiot on here who thinks the city is wrong and wants to continue celebrating should do it. All of you get together and have a ball....traffic is getting a little congested anyway...could use some thinning out

Ivette I Jasso Drive by my house with windows down. I'll throw the candy at you kids!

Marisa Medina Velarde Omgoodness ppl its because of ppl like yourselves that we are still dealing with this uggggg SMDH!! AYE GENTE !!

Casey Ryan Barber Still trick or treating. Sorry snow flakes

To be clear, Halloween hasn't been outlawed. As El Paso Health Authority Dr. Hector Ocaranza put it, "This is not to be restrictive, this is to be preventive.” Dr. O and city and county leaders are simply asking everyone to mask up, keep your distance, don't gather, and celebrate responsibly.

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