FC El Paso? Sun City Chanclas? If it were up to you, what would you name El Paso’s new United Soccer League team?

MountainStar Sports Group, owners of El Paso’s Triple A baseball team and the recently acquired USL team, are giving you the chance.

Now before you go off suggesting something like Footy McFooty Face, team president Alan Ledford offers a few guidelines. “The team’s name should reflect the tradition of the sport, yet also be genuinely representative of El Paso – whether it be inspired by the community’s history, unique culture, landscape, or aspirations for the future.”

And while they are looking for public input, MountainStar Sports Group reserves the right to name the team any damn thing it wants whether it was suggested or not. The USL will also have to approve it, per the official rules.

In other words, Tax Payer Funded FC ain’t gonna fly, as “genuinely representative of El Paso” as it may be.

The first phase of the contest has been extended and will now go through April 20, 2018. Teams names can be submitted at www.elpasousl.com/nametheteam.

The person selected as the winner gets two season seats for the 2019 season, two official jerseys, and will have their picture taken with the team. MountainStar keeps all the merchandise money. Sounds fair.

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