We are just three days away from Super Bowl XLVIII, and opinion is divided as to which team will win the Vince Lombardi Trophy. For the record, I have predicted the Denver Broncos will win the football game, but my prognosticating ability has been highly questionable this NFL season. Sometimes, the best way to accurately predict the winner of a major sporting event is to leave it up to someone or something that has no idea about the teams playing in the game.

Savannah (left) and Juno (right) are two Asian elephants predicting the winner of Super Bowl XLVIII. (Courtesy of El Paso Zoo).

On Saturday, the El Paso Zoo will let their Asian elephants predict the winner of Super Bowl XLVIII. Savannah and Juno will each cast their vote at 2:15pm when they select either the Denver Broncos or Seattle Seahawks' helmet-shaped pinata. The public is invited to the event, which marks the first time ever that the female elephants have chosen a winner of the Super Bowl. I will feel much better about the Broncos winning on Sunday if Savannah and Juno both choose the Denver pinata. Results and photos will be posted Saturday on the El Paso Zoo's Facebook page.