El Paso hit the first triple digit heat of the summer on Sunday and that means a lot of people will be sitting in hot houses and apartments. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic there are a lot of El Pasoans who are dealing with either reduced hours and paychecks or no paychecks at all and that means they will need help with the crazy heat. You can help out with the donation of a fan to the El Paso Fire Department's Extreme Weather Task Force.

Every spring and summer the Extreme Weather Task Force gives out fans to needy El Pasoans to try and keep them a little cooler in the Sun City heat. Because of the economic situation last year the Task Force was not getting as many fan donations as in past years and that unfortunately will probably be the same situation this year. If you can afford to buy a fan, please do. There is nothing worse than trying to stay cool in a house or apartment with no air circulation. It may not be full on air conditioning, but a fan can go a long way toward moving air around that would otherwise be stagnant and still.

woman cooling herself with electric fan

Every summer there are a number of heat-related deaths recorded in El Paso so a fan of any size would be so helpful to so many residents during the summer months. If you would like to donate a fan, or if you need a fan for your home, call the Extreme Weather Task Force at 2-1-1. The fans can be any size, but box fans are the preferred ones. I checked the Walmart website and you can buy a box fan for as little as $20. Just drop off the new, unopened fan at any El Paso Fire Department station near you. Click here for locations of fire stations near you.

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