Osmara and Rubiel, better known as RubiandOG on TikTok, Twitch and YouTube have officially become my favorite couple to follow on TikTok (and trust me, I have a few). They have become my #couplegoals because of how funny they are and how playful their relationship is.

RubiandOG have a series of TikTok videos where Rubi tries his hardest to break up with his girlfriend at different locations around town. You are probably wondering why I would even consider them #couplegoals, well it's all a ruse!

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Rubiel isn't really going to break up is Osmara, they just like to show different places around town. Their bio reads;

We are here to entertain and hope you visit the locations we go to

And they do go to some pretty fun places in El Paso. So far, Rubiel has tried to break up with Osmara at a rage room:

As you can see, the common phrase here is "do you have money?" which many of their followers think they should put on a shirt and sell them!

Rubiel has also tried to break up with Osmara at Wet N Wild:

Rubiel has tried to break up with Osmara at Cielo Vista:

He also tried to break up with her at Western Playland but couldn't even finish his sentence!

And probably one of my favorites is where he takes her downtown to San Jacinto Plaza to break up with her, and, well, we know how it ends:

You can tell that they have a very fun relationship, and I'm not sure how long they've been together, but last year, Rubiel was done trying to break up with her instead proposed!

I hope Osmara and Rubiel don't stop making these videos; they're hilarious. But if these two ever do breakup, we riot!

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