If there was ever one thing I would have never thought would be affected by the Covid-19 outbreak it would be custody arrangements between divorced parents, but it turns out I'm wrong. They are very affected by the outbreak and if you are a parent who has to deal with a custody arrangement, keep reading.

The El Paso County Family Court put out a press release about custody arrangements after the El Paso Public School District said they were going to extend Spring Break by a week. Turns out, Spring Break is actually a legal term and part of the Family Code that is written into custody arrangements in divorces, and by saying Spring Break would be two weeks long this year due to Covid-19, EPISD accidentally caused problems with custody arrangements.

This year, non-custodial parents have their kids during Spring Break, but the Family Court judges started hearing from attorneys who wondered if they would have their kids for a week longer than normal because EPISD said Spring Break was extended.

I spoke with Judge Laura Strathmann who said she spoke with EPISD about the wording of the extended time off and that's why EPISD corrected the language to be March 16 - 20 is "Spring Break" and March 23 - April 3 will be "Emergency Preparedness Weeks." Even though the issue arose because of EPISD's Spring Break language, no matter what school district your child attends, they will need to follow the Spring Break possession order.

So, if you are a parent who has possession of your child or children during Spring Break or Spring Intercession, you will need to return them on Sunday, March 22, at 6:00 p.m. If you have any questions or need further clarification you should call your attorney.

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