We didn't ever think that facial masks would become part of our everyday lives. Some people are still struggling to even remember to grab their mask before leaving. While some are just against wearing the darn thing period. Masks help protect you, our community, and the ones we love. Some El Paso and Juarez artists want to share a special message with you. Above, is a Public Service Announcement featuring local artists hoping to spread awareness. There have been anti-masks protests being held all over the country. It blows my mind that health advisors who are recommending facial masks to protect our health is being ignored. I mean who wouldn't want to protect their own family and the safety of others. I wear my mask because the thought of being separated from my kids would haunt me.

Andrew Jara stepped up to the plate to help spread awareness to other locals about the importance of masks. Above, you will see his beautiful creation from other locals who hope you too, will choose to wear a mask. The anti-mask supporters really have no idea how vital this type of protection really is. Anti-maskers would not appreciate someone who is positive for Covid-19 being near them yet they choose to be at risk. Sometimes, at the stores, you cross paths with someone in the aisle that can't be 6 feet away from you. The way I see it as is something I read once online, you either mask it or casket. I hope this PSA will help in any way it can to support wearing masks.

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