Some guys are just wired differently, and it's that wiring that makes the great. It's one thing to be born with a ton of talent. It's another to be born with the ability to "want" to be greater than everyone else.

That may sound silly, but there are just certain guys who want it more. Or at least are willing to put in more work than everyone else. Drew Brees is one of those guys. He was teammates with Adrian Peterson for a brief period last season, and Peterson was rather impressed by Bree's work ethic, saying:

“Being up there in New Orleans just for that short period of time, and just seeing him, man, I’m talking about clockwork. You see this guy out on the field two hours before practice and he’s going through his fundamentals. He’s in the weight room. He’s lifting. He’s cut up. The funny thing is once we did our conditioning test, that’s probably the first time I ever lost a conditioning test.”

Let that sink in. One of the most physically gifted running back ever, just admitted to losing a conditioning test to Drew Brees.

This season will be the last for Drew Brees in his 30s as he turns 40 next January. And there's a reason he will own most of the quarterback records when he finally decided to hang em up. The only thing stopping him at this point is if Tom Brady decides he wants to play into his mid-50s.

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