The NFL season isn’t quite here yet, but the preseason has arrived. The question is, do you care about what your team does during the preseason?NFL teams across the country have begun training camp. While most of your favorite players have a spot, some of the younger guys are still competing. If you watch your team at training camp, it’s a great opportunity to get a look at the talent of the future.

Training camp is one thing. Preseason games are another. Do these games even matter? They cost almost as much as a regular season game. Is it worth it? Does a teams preseason record show what a team is actually capable of in the regular season?

America loves its football, but is the NFL trying to play up the preseason to be something that it’s not? Sure, it’s fun to keep up with off season moves as your team makes them, but after that lets move forward to the regular season. Like Allen Iverson said, it’s just practice.

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