It what appeared to be one of the better catches in NFL post season history, Dez Bryant's incredible grab with a little more than four minutes remaining against Green Bay was overturned.  This controversial call left Cowboys fans everywhere frustrated and heartbroken as Green Bay went on to win the game 26-21.  Let's get one thing straight, the "Calvin Johnson" no catch rule is WITHOUT QUESTION the worst one in the NFL rule book!  It is preposterous to think that a player can catch a ball, make a football move, then go for the goal line like Bryant did only to have a spectacular catch reversed.  Some are calling it karma for last week's game verses Detroit where the refs picked up the flag over the pass interference call in the fourth quarter.  I am calling it a horrible call overall, and this is what irritates myself and countless others about the NFL today.  Here is the video of Dez Bryant's catch, oh wait I mean incompletion.