It was just over one year ago that El Paso found out we had won the Kraft Hockeyville USA competition. Cities across the country competed to win $150,000 in hockey rink upgrades to our local hockey rink and El Paso fought hard to win.

The Sun City was lucky to have some big names come to the city's defense as to why El Paso needed to win this competition. Local celebrities like Beto O'Rourke, Aaron and Alvin Jones, Jennifer Hahn, Cinta de Oro all tweeted out their support for El Paso and asked their followers to vote for us as well. Other celebrities not from El Paso but who have a love for the city include Chris Jericho, Dean Cain, Shim, and Jesse James Dupree.

Thankfully, the votes came in and El Paso won the Hockeyville competition. The renovations have been happening over the past year and the event center is finally ready to open its doors for the public to enjoy. On top of that, we also know the two professional hockey teams that will be coming to El Paso to play a game.

The Dallas Stars and the Arizona Coyotes will face off in El Paso on Sunday, October 3rd at 7 p.m. MT at El Paso County Events Center. Tickets for the hockey game will be distributed by the El Paso Local Organizing Committee. You can find out more information about how you can get tickets at the 600 ESPN El Paso website. Visit the El Paso Rhinos Facebook page and the NHLPA website for more information.

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