This news broke late last week, right before the long holiday weekend. We now know who is going to be featured on this season's Hard Knocks. It's the Dallas Cowboys. I was kind of hoping it would be the Jacksonville Jaguars because you have Urban Meyer coming in as head coach, number one overall pick Trevor Lawrence, and Tim Tebow trying to make the team at tight end. The Jaguars had said they'd be open to the idea as well, even though they were one of the teams that could decline being on the show because they have a first year head coach.

What does being on Hard Knocks mean for the Cowboys? If history has shown us anything about teams being on the show, you shouldn't have very high hopes that year. Here are the records for the teams that have been featured on Hard Knocks:

  • 2013 Cincinnati Bengals - 11 and 5, Playoffs
  • 2014 Atlanta Falcons - 6 and 10
  • 2015 Houston Texans - 9 and 7, Playoffs
  • 2016 Los Angeles Rams - 4 and 12
  • 2017 Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 5 and 11
  • 2018 Cleveland Browns - 7 and 8 with 1 tie
  • 2019 Oakland Raiders - 7 and 9
  • 2020 Los Angeles Rams - 10 and 6
  • 2020 Los Angeles Chargers - 7 and 9

So this doesn't exactly bode well for the Cowboys this year, but it's not to say they can't make the playoffs and make a decent run. The Cowboys are in a different position than most of these other teams. Expectations usually aren't really high for a Hard Knocks team to begin with. One of the big storylines for this upcoming season will most likely be the recovery of Dak Prescott.

If Dak comes back healthy, there's no reason the Cowboys' offense shouldn't miss a beat. You still have Ezekiel Elliott, Amari Cooper, and CeeDee Lamb. The defense is going to be the big question mark as it was awful last year. I'd be willing to bet they focus on some of the defensive rookies on this upcoming season of Hard Knocks.

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