When matters are taken care of properly and when situations are handled accordingly, should you be rewarded?! I was not, however, the professional football world is now on notice for the 2019 Dallas Cowboys. Dak Prescott got the Cowboys moving early and showed command of the offense as the Cowboys amassed 35 points in doubling up the New York Giants. For El Pasoans, this culminated a week where the Eastwood Troopers played the Plano Wildcats on Thursday night in the Ford Center at The Star hosted by Jerry Jones. This situation was handled accordingly and certainly should be noted as two communities united after a tragic event in El Paso occurred at the hands of a former Plano student.

If the Cowboys game went as planned and issues taken care of properly, what’s there to discuss after a 35-17 expected win over the New York Giants? Plenty. This was the beginning of the Kellen Moore offensive coordinator and quarterback coach Jon Kitna era. Both coaches donned the “blue star” on their helmets as these two former NFL quarterbacks played for the team they currently coach now. Their efforts helped support starting quarterback Dak Prescott and the Cowboys offense which saw the return of Jason Witten and Ezekiel Elliott, who both scored touchdowns, in the season-opening win. Having three quarterbacks that have NFL experience (the third being Jason Garrett) should be a tremendous help for a quarterback who is playing for a new contract, possible job retention for a head coach and primarily responsible for leading his team to the Super Bowl in Miami.

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys
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Offensive coordinator Kellen Moore, who starred at Boise State, was beaten out of a quarterback roster spot by Dak who is now the starting quarterback for the Cowboys. Additionally, quarterbacks coach Jon Kitna played more than 15 years in the NFL as a quarterback, starting most of that time even though he was undrafted out of Central Washington. For Dak and Kellen Moore to collaborate this well, as they should have, against the Giants is promising. From looking and listening by being in the stadium for the game, this was not a huge shift in the offense, however, it was a huge shift in how the offense was called with some new wrinkles. I think having Kitna directly mentor Dak is also a good move. Kitna fought hard as a free agent to play as long and as well as he did in the League and I believe his football career experiences mesh well with a person like Dak. Kitna was the NFL Comeback Player of the Year in 2003 and a World Bowl Champ and MVP in 1997…Yes, that World Bowl also adds to Kitna’s credibility. Did I also mention he started games for the Dallas Cowboys as well when he played 2009-11, 2013?

The Cowboys defense also showed up against the Giants even though Saquon Barkley had a highlight run and Evan Ingram caught a lot of passes. Effectively, two-time Super Bowl champ quarterback Eli Manning was shut down most of the afternoon as the upfront pressure and linebackers did their job in maintaining their superiority over a mediocre offense that has one primary weapon. As the defense got itself ready for another division game by handling business at home, next week’s game on the road in Washington against the Redskins poses its own new set of challenges.

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