This is the Dallas Cowboys versus the Green Bay Packers, not Dak Prescott versus Aaron Rodgers in a battle at AT&T stadium. Both teams are 3-1 and are coming off losses they also believe they could have won. Rodgers plays well at AT&T stadium and Dallas is certainly looking to take advantage of playing at home in front of mostly its fans and where it won’t have to contend with the issues of being the visiting team. The Cowboys offense will need to step up and match the proficiency of its defense who didn’t allow a touchdown last week if a win is going to be added to Dallas’ record this weekend.

The Green Bay defense is stout against the pass, ranked 3rd in the NFL. However, the Packers are 26th against the run. They have allowed 142 yards rushing per game. This bodes well for running back Ezekiel Elliott and an offensive line who will be without tackle Tyron Smith. This fact does not mean that Dallas should completely abandon the passing game either. There are too many weapons (Cooper, Cobb, Smith, Witten, etc) for Dak to choose to throw to not to use them. If nothing else, it will keep the Packers from completely attempting to stop the run.

The Cowboys, on the other hand, must get to Aaron Rodgers who can play quarterback as well as anyone on the planet and still find time to make some pretty good commercials. Pressures, hurries and penalty-free knockdowns should be plenty enough to keep a solid Dallas defense frustrating a Rodgers-led offense even if a takeaway does not occur. Rodgers will look to test the secondary of Dallas by throwing the ball deep down the field and it also appears that tight end Jimmy Graham has become relevant along with star wide receiver Devante Adams, who has been the receiver of choice for Rodgers. Adams was slowed by a big toe during last week’s game, nonetheless every NFL player seems to find a way to gut it out when playing against the Cowboys. Everyone except for Adams. Today, we learned that the Packers' receiver has been ruled out for Sunday's big showdown. Former UTEP star and starting running back Aaron Jones ran for 125 yards and a touchdown against the Cowboys two years ago, but the 2019 defense is a different group than what he played against as a rookie with Green Bay.

A better defense (2nd overall/5th vs pass & run), home field, a strong rushing attack and containing Aaron Rodgers by keeping him off balance should contribute to major factors if the Dallas Cowboys seek to be 4-1 after this weekend. A mixture of passing and special teams punt team coverage will be added benefits for a higher percentage of execution for the offense and poor starting field position for the Packers. This is another highly competitive game for the Cowboys on paper, however with a bad taste from last week, this team should be motivated to get back in the win column.

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