Season 8 of the DCC: Making the Team begun September 6th and so far its been a great season.

The first few episodes were very touching and emotional as a lot of the veterans which probably thought their spots were guaranteed did not make it. Once they had their first meeting after all the rookies and veterans were chosen, one of the veterans, Courtney Cook left for personal reasons (Kelli Finglass made the announcement to the veterans).

Friday night, they were into the 2nd week of training camp. They began by practicing outside with the kick line and jump-split, which they're airborne for a good second. Ashley Michelle took a quick fall that could have been prevented. Usually a fall like that can hurt the girl falling and the girls next to her. We all know the kick line as its the trademark for the DCC.

Emily Roslyn was called in to be advised on her mistakes (I think she's concentrating too much on her face expressions, she's distracted from the moves). Tessa Christine was also called in because of her split. Turns out she had pulled her groin while cheering with the Colts (funny thing, they had a guest and was asked to do a kick line when she had never done one before and got hurt ... so don't try this at home!) Vivian Ralena was called in too mainly to talk about her weight, she has a 'stockier built' and also to let her know that even though she was voted in and got an automatic invite to training camp, she would have made it in either way (bet she feels better not doing her original solo idea - the tin man).

The upside of this episode was that they had their uniforms fitted!!

On the last day of the 2nd week of training camp, they were rehearsing and Tessa Christine took a really bad fall hurting her knee. Practice was even ended early ... poor thing, hope she's okay.

They ended rehearsal and called in two girls: Abby Camille, she is starting to fade and needed to get her 'spark back' and Kathryn Elaine Dunn mainly she is lost and doesn't stay on beat and unfortunately not getting better. Kelli kind of tried to change her mind but the decision was final and that was her last night. (First cut so far)

Next episode is going to be a good one. One we're going to find out what happened with Tessa, how serious her fall was and its makeover time! Who knows, maybe another elimination.