Kevin Ogar was like thousands of Americans; a workout freak who had dreams of competing at the CrossFit Games for a chance to win as much as $275,000 in prize money and land lucrative sponsorship deals. Now, Ogar is fighting for a chance to regain the use of his legs. That's because he severed his spine in a freak accident while competing at the OC Throwdown last Sunday in Southern California. As Ogar lifted a heavy barbell to his waist and then over his head, the barbell plummeted to the ground, struck him in the back and severed his spine. The accident left him paralyzed below the waist.

The worse news is that Ogar is a part-time worker at a Whole Foods Supermarket in Denver and has no health insurance. To help him cover some of his mounting medical bills, the CrossFit community has started raising money for Ogar and as of last Thursday, more than 4,000 people have donated over $275,000. Friends and family are also selling T-shirts to help raise additional money. Ogar's family has hope that he will one day walk again.