El Paso knows firsthand how the weather can be insane and deadly at times. For example, the terribly sad tragic death of a 2-year-old and her grandmother last year when Central flooded.

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Plus, we also can't forget the time a sinkhole swallowed a car in Central El Paso recently. Hell, that story even made it on CNN and KSAT.com which stunned others outside El Paso.

Clearly, we can't do anything when it comes to mother nature's deadly forces. The best thing for El Pasoans to do during a flash flood is to avoid being out if they don't need to be.

Unless you have to go to work or your job consists of you having to be on the road. But tons of people already know how much of a risk it is to drive when it is raining in El Paso.

Well, the Eastbound side of 10 Freeway near the Arizona and California border collapsed. This isn't a first when it comes to heavy rainfall in California.

The road collapsed in Pinole, California in 2017 due to heavy rainfall just refer to the video above. Just this past Thursday FOX 11 Los Angeles shared a YouTube video of the massive damage due to a flash flood below.

Something like this is definitely worse than having a semi-truck jack-knife on I-10 in El Paso. But can you imagine if I-10 had collapsed somewhere in El Paso the way it did over 700 miles away?

I am sure some people in El Paso worry about this happening when we have heavy rainfall that leads to a flash flood. This is something we hope doesn't happen in El Paso and if it does hopefully, there are no drivers when it does. So if you're expecting someone from California who is driving, make sure they know the detour to get to El Paso from California.

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