As the Dallas Cowboys piled up the points on the Detroit Lions last night and won their 13th game of the season, many fans were wondering if the team was going to put Tony Romo into the game. Instead, rookie Dak Prescott played the full four quarters and Romo stayed on the bench. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones admitted that he does not want his veteran quarterback to play against the Philadelphia Eagles this weekend. As crazy as that may sound to some people, I agree 100 percent with Jerry on this one.

As a team, the Cowboys are rolling with Prescott and they are not slowing down despite having clinched the NFC East and home field throughout the playoffs. If the team chose to sit Prescott against the Eagles, he would have a nearly three week layoff before their divisional round playoff game. That would be far too much time off between games for the rookie.

The bigger issue in question here is Romo. Plenty of Cowboys fans are worried that his long layoff would result in some rusty play if he was suddenly thrust into action. If Romo was an inexperienced quarterback I could understand this logic. However, he has been playing since 2003 and I believe a veteran signal caller like him does not need a warm-up game to be ready for the postseason. Jones agrees as well and does not want to risk injury to his 18 million dollar insurance policy.

"We don't feel like that any game we'd get for him that him stepping out there running a few plays or series would be worth the risk," Jones told ESPN.

If Prescott does end up on the bench at some point against Philadelphia this weekend, third string quarterback Mark Sanchez could be his replacement. The team is considering the idea of activating Sanchez for the Eagles game.

Over the years, I have not agreed much with the Dallas owner regarding his player personnel decisions. This time, I think Jerry is making the right move and the Cowboys should reap the benefits of the organization's smart decision in January.