The regular season is over, we survived the playoffs and now the big game is coming up on February 3rd. We are happy to announce the winner of a hard-fought Football Pick'em this year, Iram Avila. He has picked his way to $1,500 dollars from TFCU!

Now he has other chances to win some money by correctly predicting either the halftime score or final score for $1000 or correctly predict both halftime AND final score to win $10,000! It seems so easy, but these games have been so unpredictable lately. As the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots prepare to battle, Iram must do his research and find some luck in order to take home the grand prize.

We are rooting for this local El Paso, who just loves the football and doesn't really have a professional football team. As you can hear in the video, Iram just appreciates a good game and when certain teams (Cowboys) lose.

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