This isn't very Thanksgiving-like.

Watch as a concession stand attendant at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Tx leaps over the counter to address her issue with a customer, then gets rocked in the process.

It doesn't even start very well for the worker because as soon as she leaps over the counter, she slips on the floor and goes face down.

Once she gets back on her feet, she goes after the customer who she has an issue with, and that's when it continues to go downhill for the worker, Another male worker jumps over the counter to help out and he too is quickly met by an angry customer.

The joke writes itself here that those working concessions for the Dallas Cowboys seem to have more fight in them than does the team.

Still, you hate to see this type of behavior at stadiums because you always know that kids may be around.

I don't know what caused this confrontation on Thanksgiving Day in AT&T Stadium, but this is NOT how you start the holiday season.  

Oh, by the way, that wasn't the only fight at AT&T Stadium on Thanksgiving Day. After the game, Tryston Hill of the Cowboys hit an opposing player in the face, causing his helmet to go flying.

If only he had that much aggression while the clock was running.

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