Last weekend's game against the South Carolina Gamecocks and the Tennessee Volunteers, brought forth one injury that could be this years biggest shock, but hopefully not a career-ender for a promising 21-year-old athlete.

South Carolina, star-running back, Marcus Lattimore, came out of last weekend's game with a severe knee injury that will more than likely keep him out of the remainder of SEC Conference play, but hopefully not out of a football uniform for good.

While many NCAA athletes put their health and bodies on the line when it comes to contact sports like football, they should have an insurance policy that quite literally has their back until they can get back on their feet.

In 1990, the NCAA created the Exceptional Student Disability Insurance (ESDI) Program, but as athletes have become stronger, the game has become faster with hard hits and constant concussions as the topic of discussion -- this program needs to be updated.


This program might suit a player who will never suit up again, but what it doesn't do is cover them from a potential career ending injury during college that could keep them from being drafted into the pros.

While college athletes should not be paid for playing the game, they receive several perks, aside from fans and recognition early in life, but more importantly full rides to big conference schools and the opportunity to make big-time salaries in the league.

It is these players that are quite simply the universities money-makers bringing fans to the game and taking teams to bowl games, of which the conference banks off of.

In light of what happened to Lattimore, or even other athletes this has happened to like current Minnesota Vikings running back, Adrian Peterson, while he was playing at OU; what do you think about college athletes and insurance policies? Is the NCAA doing enough?