Friday night AEW Rampage kicked off with a highly teased and anticipated return. Most thought this day would never come. Cue "Cult of Personality".

The wrestling legend CM Punk is ALL ELITE!

The former 'Voice of the Voiceless' CM Punk has officially returned to the World of Professional Wrestling. Punk reveled in the applause of the hometown Chicago crowd. Punk then went on to shoot a 15-minute promo addressing his absence, his displeasure with his former company, his plans for the future, and who he is going to face first.

While Punk was addressing the hot Chicago crowd, the cameras cut to a spotlight in the rafters. There stood Darby Allin and Sting.

Allin has been one of the various wrestlers on AEW programming teasing Punks' arrival on tonight's show. Punk then issued Allin a dangerous offer. CM Punk vs Darby Allin in Chicago on AEW's upcoming pay-per-view All Out.

CM Punk really created a huge boom online. Trending during Punks debut was over 100,000 related tweets including #CMPUNK #ALLELITEWESTLING #HESBACK #CULTOFPERSONALITY #AJLEE

And just when you thought the night couldn't get any sweeter. CM Punk announced that everyone would get ice cream bars on the way out, as a kind gesture to his patient adoring fans and a final jab at his former employers.

CM Punk will return to TNT on Wednesday, August 25th for AEW Dynamite. He's likely to face Darby Allin at All Out on Sunday, September 5th for PPV. You can order the All Out 2021 PPV here.

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