It came as no surprise today when the Cleveland Browns announced that they have released quarterback Johnny Manziel. The former Heisman Award winner never lived up to the hype when he came out of Texas A&M.

Trouble followed Manziel in Cleveland. After his first season, he entered a rehab center and was named the starter of the team midway thru his second season, but it looked like he didn't want to be with the Browns. He didn't even show up for the last game of the season as reports came out that he was partying in Las Vegas with a disguise on.

He has also had trouble with his girlfriend as she has had a restraining order put on him and he might still be charged with domestic abuse charges.

Manziel appeared in 14 games with eight starts over two seasons. He completed 147 of 258 passes for 1,675 yards with seven touchdowns and seven interceptions