‘Tis the season for the age-old real tree vs fake tree debate.

Because the Christmas tree is the most prominent decoration for those who celebrate Christmas, the decision to go artificial or go dashing through a store parking lot is a Christmas conundrum for some.

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I've done both over the years, and am currently going through a pre-lit artificial tree phase. Mostly because I put my trees up at the beginning of November and since they’re fake I don’t have to worry about keeping them looking good through the beginning of January.

But I do miss the fresh aroma of a real tree that used to greet me when I first walked into the house. I don’t miss the daily needle shedding and having to take it to a Citizen Collections Station after the holidays, though.

Pros and cons on eco-friendliness, tradition, costs, and hassles aside, in the end it comes down to personal preference.

If a real tree is the only way you go, here are places I know of where you and the kids can pick out a fresh-cut or potted, living Christmas tree.

But don’t wait too long. From what I hear they’re going fast, and much higher gas and transportation prices are keeping many from keeping up with demand

Fresh Cut


Your local home improvement store is a good place to start. Lowe’s and Home Depot have a pretty good supply this early in the season. Whole Foods on the west side is also selling them.

As far as pop-up tents, El Paso Blessed Trees is operating a tree lot near the intersection of George Dieter and Montwood in the Planet Fitness parking lot.

I haven't seen as many this year as in years past, but if you’ve spotted one on your side of town, please let me know.

Cut Your Own

Christmas Tree Car

El Pasoans not satisfied with procuring their Christmas tree from a big box store or parking lot vendor, and/or looking for a holiday-related outing can pick out and cut down their own up the road in New Mexico at the Lincoln National Forest.

But you can’t just drive over the river and through the woods and start chopping away at the first pine tree that catches your eye. Here’s an article detailing what to know about cutting your own tree in the Lincoln National Forest.

Potted/Living Tree

Sunset Gardens
Sunset Gardens

A living tree is one that has been grown in a container and that you can plant in your yard after the holidays. Sunset Gardens, Eastside Discount Nursery, and Sierra Vista Growers are nurseries I know of carrying them.

Whichever way you choose to go, may your Christmas tree survive its annual battle with your cat.

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