Every NBA trade rumor is just that, a rumor, until general managers pull the trigger. A possible trade involving the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat for star center Chris Bosh has been churning around the rumor mill for weeks. Is a recent real estate purchase reason to think the rumor might soon be a reality?

Bosh just dropped $3 million on a condo in the Dallas Ritz Carlton. His new pad is 4,257 square feet and was once owned by the maestro of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Bosh, a Dallas native, put his Miami residence up for sale in the summer but said fans “shouldn’t read anything into that” move.

Bosh is still the “odd star out” in Miami. With LeBron James on the court and Dwayne Wade still a presence in the offense, it’s easy to dismiss Bosh’s contributions as just a cog in the machine. King James and Wade are the oil keeping the engine moving. While his teammates realize his importance, Heat fans and media pundits can sometimes bring the hammer down harshly on the 6’11 Bosh.

"Bosh took his share of criticism during Sunday's victory against the Toronto Raptors. He finished with just eight points on 2 of 9 shooting. His first points came at the 8:41 mark of the third quarter. Suddenly, the fact he had shot at least 50 percent from the field in 11 of 12 games was forgotten. During the game, Twitter was abuzz about how Bosh wasn't producing — when actually, he was. He finished with 11 rebounds while also helping slow the Raptors' pick-and-roll offense."

A Nowitzki/Bosh tandem would improve the Mavericks on paper, though there are still questions as to whether their respective games would jell on the court. A star like Bosh, with his two championship rings (possibly three after this season, though it’s early to speculate) would be a boost on the court and in the Mavericks locker room.

The likelihood of the Heat trading Bosh mid-season is slim but Bosh is a free agent after this season and he’s already a part-time Dallas resident and homegrown talent.

Do you want to see Chris Bosh in a Mavs uniform next season?

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