If El Paso Chihuahuas fans have been waiting all summer for news about free merch, today is the day! The baseball club announced the remaining promotional items for the 2021 season, which include a Howling Dog Bucket Hat, a pair of replica jerseys, and plenty of theme nights.

El Paso Chihuahuas.

The Chihuahuas home replica jersey will be given away to the first 1,500 fans with a paid ticket this Friday night and it is sponsored by Southwest University. Then, on September 7th, Chick-Fil-A will be giving away the popular purple Diablos replica jerseys. Both jerseys will be available while they last in X-Large and Medium to accommodate as many fans as possible.

El Paso Chihuahuas.

On September 17th, the Howling Dog Bucket Hats will be presented by the Oscar Arrieta Allstate Agency. Like the jerseys, the bucket hats will be given to the first 1,500 fans in attendance with a paid admission. Finally, on Sunday, September 19th, the first 1,000 kids through the gates with a paid admission will receive a Chico pillow.

Fans are encouraged to purchase early for a savings over day-of-game pricing. Tickets can be purchased online at epchihuahuas.com or at the Southwest University Park Durango Box Office.

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