There was a lot of talk last week about fans being too close to the field without protection because of the little girl who got hit with a line drive at a Twins/Yankees game. There have been updates on that little girl and she is doing better.

Now, fast forward to last night at a Cubs/Cardinals game. Addison Russell goes after a foul ball on the third base side drifting into the stands. He makes the leap, and winds up with his right foot kicking a nacho out a fans hand. And it was a new nacho too. The sumbitch was full.

Russell gets nacho cheese all over him and spends an extra few minutes wiping himself clean. Now, that could have been the end of it. Not if Russell had anything to do with it. Russell winds up getting a new nacho for the fan. That in itself would be great. But then Russell hands delivers the nacho to the fan, giving this fan a lifetime highlight.

Video courtesy of FOXSportsMidwest

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