If a new bill being proposed in 2023 passes, it will finally allow Texas liquor stores to sell the hard stuff on Sundays.

Texas liquor laws are weird and the no Sunday sales bit is one of the oldest. It started in 1935, when prohibition ended and alcohol sales in Texas resumed.

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If you're really all that interested in what started this ... or super bored ... you can read the Texan Liquor Control Act here.

Anyway, the law says no hard stuff on Sunday and that's that. However, when our fearless leaders get back to work in January, 2023, a bill to lift this ban will be proposed. Again.

I emphasize the word "again" because they've been trying to get this law changed forever and it's never happened.

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Being that El Paso sits on two borders, New Mexico and Juarez, El Paso drinkers have historically been able to easily load up on Sunday booze. New Mexico law allows stores to sell alcohol on Sunday.

West siders can go to Sunland Park or Anthony while Upper Valley boozers can also go to Las Cruces or Mesilla. Northeast-ers can also get to Las Cruces or Anthony. Not to mention Chaparral which practically IS Northeast El Paso.

I've never tried to buy alcohol on Sunday in Juarez but, I think, you can. After seeing those lines at the bridges though, it's probably faster for Central and East side drinkers to go to NM.

Or, just find a bar.

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